Worry Time

Worry time

It is really common for worry to contaminate your whole day. No matter what you are doing worry infects that moment of clarity and causes confusion and despair. In essence you brain is occupied with solving the ‘unanswerable question’ and so needs brain space and some consciousness to do that. Hence the worry pops into your mind. Suppose we didn’t allow worry to have the freedom to be in charge of you but instead we reversed this process and you had control over when you worry. That is what this App does. It effectively stops you worrying all day long and compresses the worry into 15 minutes. How great does that sound?

Please let me know how you get on with the 4 Killer Apps. I want to help you be worry free. There are vast resources within the DrPurves.com site and the other programs we have created. It might just be I can direct you to something helpful.


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