The Worry Cure

The Worry Cure

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If you’re looking for the worry cure you need to be aware of where you place your attention. You’ll understand a lot more about why you’re worrying if you can identify what you’re thinking about. Sometimes you’ll be thinking about the past in a negative way or you could be spending time thinking about an event in the future. Although it that hasn’t happened yet you might be thinking about all the things that could go wrong or how much you’re dreading it. Does this sound familiar?

The Worry Cure
So, you’ve identified what you’re worrying about. Now you need to know How to stop worry.

The Worry Cure: Control where you place your attention

Think about your brain as a super computer. As you know computers can create the most amazing realities. They can bring dinosaurs back to life, make cars talk, take us on adventures beneath the seas. Well so can your brain. It creates amazing realities of its own. Simulations of the world that it plays in your mind. This is fine when everything is working as it should be. But when things aren’t going well and you find yourself worrying excessively you need to take a look at what your brain is up to. What reality is it simulating for you?

The Worry Cure: Your reality simulator

Our minds drift. Have you ever noticed when you’re reading that you can’t recall anything that happened on the last few pages and have to go back and reread them? This is because your brain spends just a small portion of its attention on the task of reading. The rest is thinking about other things.

This is common but the problems occur when your mind is wandering off to negative things. If your brain is creating unhelpful fantasies then we need to take control of it.

Sam found himself sitting in a meeting at work wondering if he turned the iron off before he left. He wasn’t listening to what was going on around him in the present. His reality simulator was conjuring images of Sam’s house burning down. The images were so vivid and Sam was worrying so much he excused himself from the meeting to phone his wife to check she was OK and that the iron was off which it was.

This is a good example of how the reality simulator works.

The Worry Cure: Take control

The worry cure - peaceWhat can you do if your mind is creating these kinds of images? CBT therapy is a good method of helping you to take control of your mind and the realities your brain is creating for you.

CBT therapy will help you challenge and change what you’re seeing. It’s the tool that will allow you to analyse what you’re feeling and manage your reality simulator.

If you’re not keen to see a CBT therapist or simply can’t afford it there are free resources on the web, like the films below, that will get you started and there are also computerised CBT programs that you can undertake at home.

The Worry Cure: Identify the issue

Learn more about how the effect of where you place your attention can cause you to worry unduly.

The Worry Cure: How to stop worry

Watch this film and arm yourself with the tools you need to help you recognise and manage where you put your attention putting the end to worry.

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